For over 15 years, we have been assisting companies in achieving their financial and branding objectives. French-IT is a values-driven technology agency committed to this mission.



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Our dedication lies in constructing enduring and top-tier Java solutions with a sustainable approach.

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Our commitment revolves around crafting PHP solutions that are both sustainable and of the utmost quality.

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Our commitment is centered on developing C++ solutions that are characterized by sustainability and exceptional quality.

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Our commitment is directed towards the creation of Qt solutions that exhibit sustainability and superior quality.

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French IT is the preferred partner for numerous global enterprises, SMEs, and technology innovators. We empower businesses to enhance their worth through tailored software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services. Our product design service enables you to prototype, test, and validate your concepts effectively.

Integrating security within the DevOps approach has consistently been in high demand. However, achieving this integration entails a distinct set of processes and tools. DevOps is renowned for its agile development methodology. When security experts' insights are incorporated into a collaborative environment, the project gains a comprehensive array of impactful security measures.

Despite potentially disrupting the agile development process of the DevOps approach, the inclusion of additional security inputs serves to bolster the project's safeguards and dependability. Essentially, the introduction of DevSecOps further amplifies the advantages of the DevOps approach by integrating security considerations. It's worth noting that DevOps is already renowned for its agile development methodology.

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Emilia Clarke
Fortis Bank
CIO, Germany
"Endless patience. Zero compromise on quality. Meticulously crafted and clear communication. Well-defined milestones, strict adherence to deadlines, and rapid execution. Irrespective of any client oversight, we remain committed. And the cherry on top – an unwavering dedication to solving challenges with exceptionally innovative ideas."
Emilia Clarke
Wellen Trading
"Unyielding patience. Limitless patience. No shortcuts. Highly thoughtful and articulate communication. Well-defined milestones, clear deadlines, and rapid work. Even in the face of client oversight. The most remarkable aspect is consistently resolving issues with exceptional creative ideas!"
Emilia Clarke
Mick Knauff
Stock market expert, Frankfurt
"Exceptionally well-structured and eloquent communication. Transparent milestones, strict adherence to deadlines, and swift execution. Patience – a wealth of patience. No corner-cutting, regardless of the client's oversight. The highlight lies in consistently resolving challenges with ingenious and innovative solutions!"
Emilia Clarke
Merk AG
"Unwavering patience – limitless patience. No compromise on quality. Exceptionally well-crafted and articulate communication. Well-defined milestones, transparent deadlines, and rapid execution. Regardless of any client oversight, we remain steadfast. And the highlight – consistently resolving challenges with remarkable originality!"